Blackish American Globalman

Tsai's Taiwan

Dying to Love in Taiwan-China


Mnuchin Pardon

Jamie Dimon espousing higher taxes for the wealthy: Is he on Fentenyl

Robert Reich - Private Equity Con

Mitch Disoriented, Elaine Robbing the Old folks Home

BJIFF 2021

Steve McQueen, My 1st Hollywood Employer

Apple Police Tracking Software

"Dying to Live" Feature Film fighting for China Producers Investment, and Increased Hollywood investment. 

争取中国制片人和共产党的投资,并增加好莱坞的投资Ok, and yes, requires financing, We have budget.


We hope your Production house knows how we could proceed. Your productions number in the dozens in 2023. this project is worthy.

谢谢你的关心Thank you for your caring

USA Profit Prison - DMX- What these Bitches Want from a Nigga?

Mr Lawrence Storyboard

Mr Lawrence Love Goes to Asia - Cinema Development Production LLC

Mr Lawrence Love Goes to Asia - Cinema Development Production LLC

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Hackensack, NJ, USA 07601