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China Co-Production Investment with Viewer Algorithm

Reciprocal Investment

Hello Global Film Industry including  
China Sovereigns,
USA Sovereigns
Hollywood, Bollywood, NY Filmakers, Netflix, Disney+ Alibaba, Bona Film, Bold Films, CAA Creative Artists, et, al:
We seek your core competency and support to cultivate an International Situation Comedy.. "Mr Lawrence, You have 90 Days" or maybe it will be called "You're Already Dead" or "Degeneration"  


When a unilateral communicator requires multilateral support, it reciprocates.
We can reciprocate, appropriately. 
The requires investment for our production.  
In turn, and  China Film Industry will reciprocate; we'll team with you or another approved soveriegn.


We require:
-Agents for Star talent, new talent. Directors, Translators, writers
-Baseline production filming, Cameras, hardware, gaffer, etc
-Legal support for Business filing, IP licensing, Union enterface 
-Budget Producer support to our line producer
-Transportation and logistics of International Filming locations
-A General Manager, A go getter, Executive Producer




-Investment, managed by your Trustee, compensated with matching soveriegn production investment. (ROI, standard royalties, prepaid distribution and China Media Group expeditures are withstanding). We are proposing a soveriegnty promoting protocol. We believe the Reciprocol Compensation teaming will discourage unilateralism and provencialism. Instead, Governing bodies will see the benefit in sharing costs and will cooperate, diplomatically.
We are encouraging a Tik-Tok type algorithm for China's 70,000 domestic screens serving the population of 1.4 billion entertainment seekers.
We hope to hear from you and accept your offer to take a leadership role in this exclusive Reciprocol Compensation teaming guarantee. 



Mr Lawrence Feature Film fighting for China Producers and Communist Party Investment, and Increased Hollywood investment. 

争取中国制片人和共产党的投资,并增加好莱坞的投资Ok, and yes, requires financing, We have budget.


We hope your Production house knows how we could proceed. Your productions number in the dozens in 2021. this project is worthy.

谢谢你的关心Thank you for your caring

USA Profit Prison - DMX- What these Bitches Want from a Nigga?

Tsai's Taiwan

Serrious -- Foreign Investment Law

Peng Shuai

China SOE Teaming

Attention: New Project Development
We are pleased to offer you as SOE's and Friends of the Party a revised Private Placement, t Mr Lawrence Feature Film, LLC.
-Appropriate for 70,000 theatres, all audiences
-Targets 98 % that don't go to the movies
-PRC propaganda friendly
-time sensitive material
We would welcome from your astute leadership team an opportunity to compete with exisiting producers by creating multicultural entertainment. We will continue the persuit please offer your valuable direction.
Mark Jenkins
PRC Development,
Mr Lawrence Feature Film,LLC Manager
Fresh Produce
Beijing, China 100029

Has Biden's China Policy Muzzled Hollywood Originality

Behind the Great Wall

Jay-Z Race Normed


Racisms Effect on Eradicating Covid-19 Variants

The time is here. Critical Race Theory suggests we should confront the dominant caucasian culture to reorient our attitudes, laws and traditions to include other ethnicities. Covid-19 is the convenient existential threat that is not human but can wipe out humans. We see that the virus spreads faster than we can manage borders closures and vaccine efficacy. Time to share the inoculation formulas. Big pharma will resist this suggestion because of the conflict with their profit plans. Rethink your profit plans from small supplies for big mark-up, to 11 billion doses per year with 3 dollar mark ups. We must rethink capitalisms quest to profit through exploitation at a minority expense. One minority group of poor villagers or a minority of wealthy party goers with an infected participant re-ignights border closing, business shut downs all over again as this virus mutates quickly. We have met the existential threat and it is the virus in us.

Tom Hanks

Black Americans Tolerate White Supremacy and Respect China Culture

China and the USA are having a hard time coming together, USA is bombing countries, aggressively Policing minorities and lying to themselves about their crimes and shortcomings. China is managing is affairs with strict, by the book, science, some would say ruthless.  Both approaches are having success. USA is used to dominating everybody and all countries and is coercing western Capitalism Democracies to back up the America First play, BUT,  is beginning to realize that it has limited bandwidth. China is craving is comeuppance that has been earned by hard work and sacrifice. Developing countries are responding to China's BRI  even though Human Rights are debated in both camps. We give USA a pass on Human Rights abuse because its normal operations, segmented by Federal, State, Local & Military, We chastise China for Centralized sproblem solving of their internal terrorism and citizen governance issues. China has not forget that its Technology success was poppy bombed of a century ago. 

Enter the Black Americans, our financial statistics are 2 standard deviations off the Bell curve. We are are ostensibly managed by low population states with 2 senators. the South. Many of us are hard working, thick skinned, over achievers. We need this kind of personality to assist USA and China negotiations. The "Jesse Jackson" Iran hostage breakthroughs because we have not been treated with much respect so when we are qualified we are deemed genuine and honest. We also seek alternative markets, higher price points for our goods and services, laws and policing that protect us and our  property. We are learning to consolidate ourselves as a market, and,  we can respect cultures, governments and markets


Mr Lawrence Storyboard


勞倫斯·洛夫先生訪華 - 第70屆中國電影發展製作有限責任公司。

Mr Lawrence Love Goes to China - PRC Cinema Development Production LLC


勞倫斯·洛夫先生訪華 - 第70屆中國電影發展製作有限責任公司

Mr Lawrence Love Goes to China - PRC Cinema Development Production LLC

China Address 

Mark Jenkins

CEO, Executive Producer, Host

The Marko Jenx




吳三玲 (305) 浩。
北京, 中國 100001。


Hong Shan Shi Jia

Si Hao Lou,

Guan An Men Wei Da Jia

San Ling Wu (305) Hao

Beijing, China 100001

USA Address: NY/ NJ
24 Bergen Street
Hackensack, NJ, USA 07601